Reach your Business Goals with a Marketing Agency in London

We design and build tailor-made marketing systems, specific to the needs of your business. Our specialist areas are Search Engine Optimisation and Google Ads.

Stop Spinning Your Wheels In Your Marketing✋🏻


Stop Spinning your Wheels
in your Marketing ✋🏻

If you have marketing goals that seem hard to reach, we may be able to help you by getting you in front of only your ideal customers at exactly the right time. The businesses that work with us fit four key criteria:

Are we a good fit?

If you agree with the following, we may be a good fit to work together…



You know that you want something that will solve your marketing problems, not predetermined services that don’t provide any growth.


You already know that buying a package from a generalist agency is not very likely to get you the results you are seeking. Instead, you are after something custom made for your specific needs and business conditions.


You aren’t interested in implementing extra marketing services just for the sake of it. You want your marketing agency to move the needle on your behalf.


You know that for this to work, our interests have to be your interests. Our goals must be mutually beneficial. This must be a win-win arrangement

Agree with all four?

If you agree with those four points, the next thing to do is to learn the process that we follow to see if we are a good fit:

We have a clear process to follow with those interested in working with us, to ensure that we can help you before any money changes hands.


Discovery Meeting

In our first meeting together, the aim is to understand whether we can truly help you or not, by diagnosing your problems. We do not pitch as an agency – if you wish to pay us, it will be mutually agreed – we aren’t interested in having clients who are a bad fit for what we provide.


Strategy Session

Having both agreed that we can help you, this session is where we go in depth into your business to put together a comprehensive working plan to achieve the goals we talked about previously. This session costs £500, and usually takes two hours.


Client Work

Now that we’ve built a plan together to reach your business goals, you have the option to hire us to execute it for you. You already get to take away the plan that you paid for previously, and so you are under no obligation to hire us further if you do not wish to.

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If you agree with what you have read so far, we invite you to book a call with us, using the button below.

Interested in learning more about how we can help you?

This free report is a great place to start. It costs nothing, and we’ll send you a custom report for your specific website and will run you through any issues that might be hindering your marketing.

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More Information
About Social Revenue

As a marketing agency, we were founded by Edd Razzell in 2016. Since 2020, we have been based in London as a digital marketing agency, when the business moved to Covent Garden. 

Since we first started as a digital marketing company, we quickly learned that clients didn’t care about the amount of activity happening in their marketing efforts, but rather the end results that those efforts produced. As such, our goal quickly shifted to instead provide meaningful changes to clients, by instead focusing on the metrics that matter to each of our clients, which all tend to lead to revenue and business growth.

A key function of this is the idea that your business will not get your marketing message in front of everyone in the world. It would be too costly and not provide meaningful progress to the goals that matter to do so. You aren’t aiming to build Coca-Cola, but instead you are aiming to get your message in front of your target audience only, and at a time when they are receptive to working with you.

At Social Revenue, we purposely make a point of not offering all things to everyone. We grow businesses by getting in front of only the ideal audience to your business at exactly the right time that they are looking for you. 

We do this by offering services in Search Engine Optimisation and Google Advertising. We offer Content Marketing too, but because that forms a part of a good SEO strategy. No Email Marketing, No Web Design, No Social Media Management  – those are outside our area of expertise as a business. If you seek those as services, we will happily refer you to trusted associates of ours who we have worked with previously.

Individuals at the agency have undergone training and examinations in order to gain official certifications from companies like SEMrush and Google, and this was done as part of a company wide commitment to continuous education and improvement.