Specialist White Hat Services From An SEO Agency in London

  • Our consultants solely use ‘white hat’ Google friendly SEO strategies to increase your site’s organic rankings
  • Many London businesses trust us to optimise their site for more sales through organic traffic
  • We focus on increasing your revenue over the long term – not just increasing where you appear in the search engine results for the sake of it

Social Revenue is a specialist London based search engine optimisation (SEO) company, meaning we specialise in increasing sales through organic traffic.

We help more people find you, who are already interested in what you sell. This way, the sales process that they then go through feels natural and easy – they feel like they found you, rather than you having been actively and aggressively marketing to them.

Some of the best quality leads that find you through this process will come in through unbranded search. This means that they are searching for what your business provides, but they don’t know of your company yet.

The leads who contact your business from finding you in such a manner wouldn’t have found you otherwise. Furthermore, if your prospective customer didn’t find your business in the search results, they would be going to the web pages of your competition instead.

The basics of any regular SEO campaign follows four steps. Research what people are searching for, create content, promote that content by creating backlinks, and then measure page rankings.

However, over the years we have found that kind of approach to be inadequate for a business requiring London SEO services, as even if someone is good at the technical side of SEO, without first understanding your business and it’s needs, there can be very few assurances that by just creating content that is relevant to what people are searching for and ranking it high in the search engines that will be able to translate into sales and revenue for your business.

So instead, we developed that regular four step process to include two extra steps at either side, which ensures two things:

  1. That we understand your business, your existing customers and the audience that you wish to target because they are likely to buy from you if they knew you existed,
  2. That we are measuring the number of people who bought from you or made an enquiry through any channel, so that you can measure your exact returns from having chosen to work with us as your specialist SEO agency.

If you wish to read about our SEO campaign process in more detail, you can find out more about each individual step here. We also invite you to ask any questions you may have via our contact form – we would be happy to answer any questions you have that you do not see answered on this page.

Our SEO Campaign process follows six key steps.

  1. Technical SEO Setup
  2. Existing Web Design Analysis
  3. Keyword Research
  4. Content Marketing Strategy
  5. Link Building
  6. Results Measurement & Monthly Reporting

The first step of our SEO process is to ensure that all the necessary information has been collected, and the necessary structures are in place to make your campaign a success.

Jumping straight into the technical aspects of an SEO campaign (without fully understanding your goals that have led you to want to undertake such a process) leads to the kind of results that ultimately leave others disappointed with the results of their marketing efforts.

So by first taking the time to understand where you are aiming for, we can together ensure that we have targeted the right prospective customers, and that the keywords that we wish to target together would indeed result in a new audience of customers finding your business who are ready to buy from you.

  1. Technical SEO Setup
    Kickoff Data Analysis
    Competitor Analysis
    Analytics Auditing
    Technical SEO Audit
  2. Existing Web Design Analysis
    Website Quality Audit
  3. Keyword Research for Existing Pages
    Target Page Selection and Analysis
    Internal Link Optimisation
  4. Content Marketing Strategy
    Content Audit
    Keyword Research for New Pages
    Content Creation Strategy
  5. Link Building
  6. Results Measurement & Monthly Reporting

Instead of focusing on only the technical aspects of SEO and ranking your site higher to increase traffic, by also measuring the responses that you receive as a direct result of this digital marketing campaign, we help you to ensure that you remain profitable from working with us. After all, no business engages in an activity like an SEO campaign for the sake of it. You are ultimately seeking business growth, not merely increasing your visibility in search results for the fun of it.

We do this in a number of ways, which depends on the specific needs of your business, as different industries in London find that their best prospective customers and clients contact them in different ways. Some leads may prefer to ring you after visiting your site, some may prefer to fill out a contact form, some may be able to buy directly from your website, and some may be able to visit you directly in person.

Regardless of the way in which leads convert into new business for you, we have a method of tracking and measuring the path in which they found you. As such, this means that you can know exactly what your returns are from working with us, and exactly how profitable our partnership is for you.

It doesn’t matter if they then leave your site after finding through a search engine; if they then search for you on social media a few days later, and then return to your site on a different device, we can track your new customers path to deciding to buy from you, so that you can know exactly which channels work, and which do not.

(Question: is that safe / legal?) – We are fully transparent and compliant with all legal regulations when it comes to privacy and data protection laws. Before installing any tracking systems to enable you to track your exact profitability of a campaign like this, we will show it to you for review, meaning that you have full control in ensuring that the system works in a manner that you are comfortable with.

Is this something that you want implemented in your business?

If you want to work with us to implement a marketing system like this in your business, please fill out the form over on the work with us page.

As company policy, we do not offer packages, and we do not respond to any requests for proposals. Instead, our best clients are served best through a methodology in which we design a system bespoke to the needs of your business to get you to the revenue goals you wish to reach. For more details on this approach, please check our pricing page.